Music Therapy for Children and Families

We love working with young children and their families – watching babies grow and develop, hearing toddlers sing their first songs, seeing big kids all ready for school and supporting families through these precious years.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID restrictions group sessions may be on hold – please contact us on 0490 361 628 for more information.

Laughter & Lullabies – ages 0-2

This is our group program for parents with babies and toddlers. Come along and enjoy making music together.

Having a little one is full of joy and challenges. Making music together at “Laughter & Lullabies” can help you enjoy each other’s company and pick up some ideas for how to use music everyday with your child. In the car, in the waiting room, at the supermarket, bath time, meal time, play time, bed time, there’s music for every occasion.

The great thing about music is that it is adaptable, words can be changed to match a situation, it can be slowed down or sped up, it can be loud or soft, energising or calming. Using music with your child can help them learn different concepts, steps to a task and improve their understanding of emotions and interaction. Come along for some laughter and lullabies.

Little Movers & Groovers – ages 3-5

This is our group program for pre-school age children (3-6yo) and their parents and carers. Come along and enjoy watching your child grow and learn through music.

Pre-school age children are like sponges! Ready to learn and play. Music is a great way for pre-schoolers to explore the world of sound, communication and social interaction. Activities in this group will focus on social skills like sharing, turn taking, listening and waiting.

Sharing this with your child allows you as the parent or carer to guide and help this learning, find activities that you can enjoy together at home and have fun together.

School Bell Bop

This is our school readiness program. Children preparing for big school can learn important skills through music that will equip them for this next step in their development.

Big school is a big step! Bells, teachers, lots of children, books, reading, writing, playground, classroom, there’s so much to get used to. Our school readiness program will help prepare your child by practicing skills like listening, following instructions, turn taking, sharing, and communicating with others.

Activities that provide a foundation for learning letters, numbers and words will also be used. This program is aimed at giving your child the confidence they need to step into big school.

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